Marty Becker, President of Atlas Financial Strategies has just released The Long-Term Care Insurance Atlas guide to explain in full detail what you should look for and what to avoid when considering this insurance in retirement. In this 100% free  report, you'll discover... 

  • A detailed understanding of exactly what asset based long-term care insurance is and how these policies compare to other retirement investment products
  • The biggest differences asset based and all the traditional long-term care insurance products you see advertised on the Internet
  • How to determine whether which type of long-term care policy will be best for you
  • Why so many agents promote the wrong type of policies and how some long-term care insurance products will ruin your retirement
  • Plus, you'll receive a complete checklist to make sure you don't make the most common buying mistakes.

This guide is a practical, independent, and no b.s. approach to long-term care insurance for retirement. I recommend anyone who's considering long-term care insurance read it before signing any contract.

Marty Becker
President Atlas Financial Strategies

Ethics certified

What Else Is Included In This 100% Free Long-Term Care Insurance Report...

  • The most important question to ask about any long-term care insurance policy
  • Strategy vs. Rates: which is more important - and why?
  • Why so many financial "experts" look at long-term care the wrong way and how you can do it differently (and make more money)
  • How to get the most out of an a long-term care policy WITHOUT getting decimated by fees
  • The 4 core reasons to consider long-term care insurance as part of your retirement strategy. 

Why I Wrote This Long-Term Care Insurance Report


I'm  Marty Becker.

My career began as firefighter where I spent many years working on an ambulance as a paramedic, and my most common emergency responses were to nursing homes. It was through experiencing the most horrendous conditions of these facilities that drove me to question why some people ended up in these places versus receiving clean, competent care.

The answer was almost always a lack of long-term care planning. Even well-off people who worked hard and saved their entire lives find themselves wiped out and stuck in these awful facilities.

It's with this insight that I've committed myself to educate as many people as I can about the need for long-term insurance, and help them find the most appropriate solution that meets their needs.

I wrote this Long-Term Care report to show you what's available, and how to create a strategy that will not only protect your legacy, but assist in growing your assets through retirement using long-term care insurance.


Richard R.

I was so confused about whether my wife and I needed long-term care insurance or rely on Medicare. I started doing research and found Marty's guide then spoke with him. He always makes time for me and his information is sound and simple to understand.

David T.

My wife Peggy and I were concerned that using Medicare for our long-term care would cause major stress to our 5 children. At 68, I thought it was too late to get a long-term care insurance policy that would be worth the money. Marty gave us all the numbers up front, and with his strategy, our assets are protected, and we're earning well over the returns we ever expected.