Meet Marty Becker: President of Atlas Financial Strategies

marty becker

Marty Becker is the President and Owner of Atlas Financial Strategies, Inc. He has helped many clients grow their wealth and increase their retirement incomes without the risk of stocks, real estate, or other risky investments.

Marty’s background in this industry is somewhat unconventional. He was formally trained as a professional firefighter and paramedic. He loved his job because of the excitement and the ability to help people in some of the scariest moments of their lives.

Then, he had one of his own “scariest moments.” No, it wasn’t that his own home was on fire or one of his family members was critically injured. It was the day he learned his pension system was changing from a traditional life-long pension, to a retirement account that was dependent on the stock market’s performance.

Through this transition, Marty delved deep into the world of finance desperately looking for a solution to secure his financial future.

“I had always had an interest in money, how it worked, and why some people had so much more than others. I was well versed in the financial world when this shift took place in my own retirement and I knew the potential consequences. All I could think of were the stories I read of people who tried to retire in the year 2000 and couldn’t because of forces totally out their control.”

After extensive research into multiple strategies for retirement, Marty came across several articles and books that were hard to accept at first, because they challenged everything he had ever known about this one particular industry; insurance.

“The more I learned, the more awestruck I became simply because it was the exact opposite of everything the so-called ‘experts’ had ever told me.”

After getting connected with an insurance/annuity professional, Marty decided this plan was not only the safest, but he would come out ahead financially by using the strategy his insurance producer laid out for him!

After that moment, Marty decided to take the entrepreneurial risk and start his own agency as a non-captive producer.

“I wanted to give people the same opportunity that was given to me by being presented not just one company and one product. But an ability to look at every company, and every product.”

Since then Marty has had the privilege of working with some of the top producers in the country and receive their mentorship, and because of that, he has been able to help many clients secure their own future retirement with a guaranteed solution.

“I only offer solutions that are guaranteed and predictable. I do not speculate. When my clients speak with me, the conversation always revolves around ‘when this happens in your retirement plan’, never ‘if this happens in your retirement plan’.”

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