Watch this short video series to learn which annuities I use and how I use them to get an average of 20% more spendable retirement income than any other advisor plans you've seen.

In this week's newsletter, I wanted to share an idea that I had after having

ATLAS “RMD Rescue Plan”
Do SPIAs Work In 2022?
2022 Guaranteed Income Annuity Case Study

Have you ever wondered how Annuity Companies give you returns from a stock market index

How Annuity Companies Protect & Grow Your Money at the Same Time

On a semi-regular basis, I get the question, “I already have a pension.  Do I

I Have A Pension. Do I Need An Annuity?

The debate is over!  Those of you who know me have heard my story of

The Debate Is Over: Annuities Improve Portfolio Outcomes

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Watch The Video Series Below To Receive My Breakthrough Annuity Strategy For Generating 20% MORE

Learn How To Get The Most Guaranteed Income Possible Through Retirement With An Index Annuity

Learn Who Index Annuities Work For, And How I Choose The Best Annuities For Income

Learn How To Use Index Annuities To Optimize Your Market Gains With Zero Risk To

Discover The #1 Question To Determine If You Can Gain 20% More In Spendable Income

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