Marty Becker, President of Atlas Financial Strategies has just released The Annuity Atlas Indexed Annuity Guide to explain in full detail what you should look for and what to avoid when considering annuities in retirement. In this 100% free annuity guide, you'll discover... 

  • A detailed understanding of exactly what indexed annuities are and how they compare to other retirement investment products
  • The truth behind all those "too good to be true" annuity rates you see advertised on the Internet
  • How to determine whether you should pay for guaranteed income in retirement
  • Why so many financial advisors promote the wrong type of annuities and how some products will ruin your retirement
  • Plus, you'll receive a complete checklist to make sure you don't make the most common buying mistakes.

This guide is a practical, independent, and no b.s. approach to index annuities for retirement. I recommend anyone who's considering an annuity read it before signing any contract.

Marty Becker
President Atlas Financial Strategies

Ethics certified

What Else Is Included In This 100% Free Index Annuity Guide...

  • The most important question to ask about any index annuity contract
  • Strategy vs. Rates: which is more important - and why?
  • Why so many financial "experts" look at annuities the wrong way and how you can do it differently (and make more money)
  • How to get the most  income AND safety out of an index annuity WITHOUT getting decimated by fees
  • The 4 core reasons to consider an index annuity as part of your retirement strategy. (If none of these apply to you, you probably don't even need an annuity)

Understand The Pros And Cons Of Using Index Annuities In Retirement...

The pros and cons of using an index annuity in your retirement strategy typically boil to to the structure of the annuity,

Pros of a Properly Structured Annuity

  • Gains Without Loss
  • Guaranteed Income With No Volatility
  • Safety Against The Market
  • Control Over Your Assets

Cons of a Poorly Structured Annuity

  • Too Many Fees That Eat Into Principle
  • Low Cap And Participation Rates
  • Long Surrender Periods
  • Complex Crediting Methods

Why I Wrote The Annuity Atlas Guide:

Each month, I speak with hundreds of people who've been pitched all sorts of annuity products, and are left confused, skeptical, and sometimes even downright turned off to using an index annuity as a means to protect their assets and provide themselves a guaranteed income throughout retirement. 

The Annuity Atlas answers every question I've received in plain English from a completely independent perspective.  People who read the guide often tell me that it's saved them from moving their money into the absolutely wrong annuities, and that to me is the biggest reason to make sure anyone who's doing index annuity research online gets this guide.


Jared M.

My Edward Jones advisor wanted to keep me in mutual funds and constantly told me not to get an index annuity. I started doing research and found Marty's guide then spoke with him. He always makes time for me and his information is sound and simple to understand.

George P.

I was concerned about making sure I have an income during retirement that I wasn't going to end up overpaying for and running out of money due to fees. Marty gave me the numbers up front, and showed me how to use the index annuity to my advantage and protect my money. I'll never go anywhere else.