Is It Hard To Claim Long Term Care Insurance Benefits?

One common question I often hear is, "Is it hard to claim my LTC benefits?" It's a valid concern, given that there have been tales of people facing challenges when claiming their long-term care benefits. However, things have changed, and I'm always available to shed light on this topic.

The Evolution of Claiming Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits

Over the years, the process of claiming long-term care benefits has been streamlined. The nightmare stories you might have heard in the past? They've become fewer and far between. In fact, with the companies I collaborate with, you're now provided with a claims concierge who directly assists you throughout the process.

Let's dive deeper and understand the details.

Your Support System in Claiming Benefits

I recently came across a quote in an illustration that paints a vivid picture:

"You're in control, but you're not alone. Our care management team ensures a smooth transition from needing care to receiving it. Whether you're on a claim or just have queries, we're here. Our sole aim? Help you activate your policy when you most need it."

This essentially means that from the moment you realize you need care, there's a team ready to guide you, answering questions and ensuring you understand how to receive your LTC benefit.

So, How Do You Qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance Benefits?

There are specific criteria to meet to access your LTC benefits. Here's a straightforward breakdown:

  1. Medical Certification: A licensed healthcare practitioner must certify you as a chronically ill individual within the past year. And yes, a doctor will be involved in this certification. If additional information is needed, you'll be reached either via a phone call or an in-person meet.
  2. Plan of Care: Once you're diagnosed as chronically ill, it's crucial to have a plan of care prescribed. This is a standard procedure, even with other insurance types like Medicare. Remember, while your care plan is a part of your claim file, there's no enforced monitoring of the services listed. The aim is to support your care, not dictate it.
  3. Elimination Period: There's a 90-day waiting period, starting from the date you're certified as chronically ill. If you submit a claim 90 days post-diagnosis and it's approved, you've already cleared this period and can receive benefits immediately.
  4. Active Policy: This might sound obvious, but your policy must be active and in force.

The process has been designed for clarity and ease. And the best part? With the recommended companies I work with, you won't be navigating this alone. Plus, as an Atlas client, I'm always here to help!

In Conclusion 

The process to qualify for long-term care benefits is more straightforward than many realize. With the right guidance and understanding, you can smoothly navigate through the process.

I appreciate your time in reading this post. I'd recommend watching the other videos in this series for a holistic understanding. Ready for a deep dive tailored to your needs? Book a short phone call with us using the button below to schedule your free quote.

Stay informed and take charge of your future!

Wishing you all the best,
~ Marty Becker