Episode 15: How The ATLAS Annuity Strategy Works

As I’ve mentioned many times, a majority of people I speak with have been presented with an annuity proposal that has not been customized to fit their specific needs. Most of the time, it’s an entirely inappropriate product for them. I developed the ATLAS Annuity Strategy to combat that issue directly.

The Problem with One-Size-Fits-All Financial Advice

This is why I don’t do dinner seminars. The financial world is brimming with advisors who are more than willing to offer blanket solutions to complex, individual problems. It’s a bit like walking into a tailor’s shop where the tailor insists on selling you a suit or dress off the rack without taking a single measurement. Sure, it might look good on the hanger, but the fit? That’s a different story entirely.

Imagine a room full of diverse individuals, each with their unique financial situations, goals, and concerns. Now picture an advisor at the front of this room, pitching the same financial product to everyone. This approach disregards the personal elements that make each person’s financial planning needs unique. It’s akin to a doctor prescribing the same medicine to all patients, regardless of their symptoms. It simply doesn’t make sense.

Financial advice should be bespoke, and tailored to fit each individual’s life just as precisely as a custom-made suit or dress. It should take into account not just the numbers on paper but the dreams behind those numbers—the retirements, the college funds, the bucket lists. When you’re dealing with something as personal as financial planning, especially retirement planning, a one-size-fits-all approach is not just ineffective; it’s irresponsible.

That’s why in my practice, I steer clear of these broad-brush recommendations. Everyone gets a thorough evaluation (whether you buy an annuity from me or not), and only then do we start talking about strategies—strategies that are as unique as they are. Because at the end of the day, what works for one person might be entirely unsuitable for another.

And this is exactly what happens when you go to a dinner seminar or talk with someone who is not an expert in annuities. You’re presented with a solution before your problem has even been properly identified. This isn’t just a missed opportunity for tailored advice; it’s a risky simplification of your financial future. In my book, that’s a gamble no one should have to take.

The Myth of the “Best Annuity”

So you get sold on something that is supposedly the best annuity because it has a big bonus, the highest roll-up rate or the highest indexing strategy. It sounds impressive, right? Big numbers, flashy terms, and promises of unparalleled financial security. But here’s the catch: these features, as enticing as they may seem, don’t necessarily make an annuity the best choice for you. It’s like being sold a luxury sports car when what you really need is a reliable family SUV. Sure, the sports car is great, but is it right for your needs?

The industry is flooded with these so-called “best” annuities, each claiming superiority over the others based on a few select metrics. But let’s peel back the layers and ask the critical questions: Best for what? Best for whom? The truth is that the best annuity is not a one-size-fits-all product. It’s not about the annuity with the most attractive bonus or the one that’s currently winning the popularity contest. It’s about what works for you, your financial goals, and your retirement dreams.

Every individual I meet comes with a unique set of circumstances, goals, and concerns. Some are looking for stability and predictability in their retirement income, while others might need more flexibility or are looking to maximize their legacy for their heirs. This diversity in needs and objectives means that a product that’s ideal for one person could be entirely unsuitable for another.

This is why the conversation should never start with the product. It should always start with you. What are your retirement dreams? What kind of financial legacy do you wish to leave? How do you envision your retirement years? These are the questions that truly matter. And it’s through these conversations that we can begin to understand which financial tools, including annuities, align with your unique path.

I only care that this is going to be the best fit for you and the occasion that you’re looking to celebrate, which for the vast majority of people is gonna be retirement income. The right annuity is out there, but it’s not about chasing after the one with the shiniest features. It’s about finding the one that fits your life, your dreams, and your retirement goals like a glove.

This is what The ATLAS Annuity Strategy is designed to help you discover.

How do I start this ATLAS Annuity Strategy process once someone has reached out to me? There are 4 steps to giving you a complete picture of not only what’s available to you, but how it will work and what to expect in your specific situation.

Step 1: Comprehensive Evaluation

    • Goal: Gain a deep understanding of your financial situation, retirement goals, and concerns you have about your money.

    • Approach: Detailed discussion and analysis covering:
        • Current financial status

        • Retirement goals

        • Concerns and expectations

Step 2: Crafting a Tailored Strategy

    • Process: Match your unique needs with the appropriate financial tools, focusing on annuities that align with your goals.

    • Tools Used: Analysis of various annuity types to identify those most suited to your objectives.

Step 3: Scenario Simulation

    • Purpose: Stress-test different annuities to evaluate long-term viability and resilience against market fluctuations.

    • Technique: Simulate various financial scenarios to demonstrate potential outcomes, employing:
        • Stress Testing: Examine how strategies withstand market ups and downs.

        • Future Glimpses: Offer insights into potential retirement financial landscapes.

Step 4: Decision Making

    • Outcome: Achieve clarity where the value of a strategic annuity choice becomes apparent.

    • Feedback: Clients often express a realization of the strategy’s benefits, sometimes stating, “That’s a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t I do that?”

Why This Matters: This journey isn’t just about selecting an annuity; it’s about creating a pathway to a secure and fulfilling retirement. It emphasizes informed decision-making aligned with your life goals, underlining the essence of the Atlas annuity strategy.

In the podcast episode, I go much deeper into case studies where each of these steps was used, resulting in some incredible differences between what’s actually available and what the people were presented with.

The bottom line is this: retirement planning shouldn’t be about selling products; it should be about solving problems. It’s about looking at your entire financial landscape—your needs, your goals, the gaps in between—and crafting a strategy that addresses those head-on. It’s not about what I have to sell; it’s about what you need to succeed in retirement.

I highly encourage you to watch or listen to this episode, and if you’d like to see how the Atlas Annuity Strategy looks in your situation, you can get on my calendar by scheduling an appointment.

Episode 15: How The ATLAS Annuity Strategy Works

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