How I Choose the Best Annuity Company for You

August 6, 2021

With so many products and companies to choose from, how do I go about choosing the right company for my clients?  I have a very methodical process of choosing the company once I have determined the right type of product for them.

Here are the criteria for choosing the best company:

1:    Financial Stability

I always look at the companies latest Financial Statement.  All financial statements are available to the public on the chosen company website.  Preferably, I want to stick with an AM Best Rating of B++ or above.  But I also take into account the company’s Solvency Ratio and their Risk-Based Capital.  Even though all insurance/annuity companies are backed by several layers of safety from ever defaulting, we can avoid any potential problems by reviewing this information before we even submit the application.


2:  Best Benefits

I make sure the company I choose not only has the appropriate product to fit my client’s wishes but has the most features included at no extra cost.  Such as lifetime income, Long-Term Care benefits, high-performing indexes, death benefits, flexibility, etc.


3:  Best Customer Service

Throughout my experience of dealing with numerous companies, I base a lot of my judgment not only on client feedback but how they treat me throughout the process of having a policy issued.  If I find there are long wait times on the phone, slow email responses, or multiple hoops to jump through to get a simple question answered, I am to assume that my client will experience the same treatment.  It’s no different than going to a restaurant that has great food, and terrible service.  If I am going to have to wait 20 minutes to get a drink and 2 hours to get my food, I’m probably never going back. 

4:  Highest Payout or Potential Growth

There are many people who get sold on the glamour of a “bonus” or “roll-up rate”, but that is only one piece of the puzzle.  What matters when you are looking for guaranteed income is the bonus, plus the rollup rate, plus the payout factor.  All three are important.  So, even if Company A is offering a bigger bonus than Company B, that doesn’t mean Company A is going to give you the most income.  All three factors must be taken into consideration.

When it comes to potential growth, we want to find an index that not only has one of the highest participation rates but also has a great track record of renewing those rates.  That’s extremely important to consider.  Don’t be fooled by short-term participation rates or bonuses.


These four criteria are just one of the many differences that you will experience when you work with me.  Because I am an Independent Agency, I can compare all the companies available in the marketplace, and I have software that puts them all right next to each other so we can verify that you are getting the absolute best deal. 

Unlike working with a captive agent, or dealing with an annuity company directly, you will actually be able to see what the competition is offering.  No more sales hype.  No more opinions.  Just verifiable facts.  Don’t wait any longer!  Give me a call at 636.926.6500, or click the “Schedule A Call” button to find the best company for you!

All the best,



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