Atlas Annuity Rate Report 8-2021

July 30, 2021

In last week’s newsletter, we looked at some of the highest returns currently in the bond market, according to Kiplinger’s 2021 report.  The highest return they listed was 3.17%, after expenses, for a high-yield bond fund (aka, junk bonds).  And that was with an average maturity of 4.2 years. 

Here are the latest annuity returns in the marketplace as of July 2021:

(NOTE:  For compliance reasons, I will not be listing company names.  We would need to have a legitimate conversation about that.  And these rates are the latest for the State of Missouri (some states may have higher or lower rates on MYGA’s).  Also, I am only including annuities that have zero fees associated with them.  There are higher returns listed in my software, but I normally do not recommend them because I do not like my clients even have the possibility of going backward with their money due to a fee.  Almost every Fixed Indexed Annuity offers a higher participation rate for a fee, giving the opportunity for an even higher return than listed below.  However, if a crediting strategy has a negative return in any given crediting term, the negative return would not affect your principle, but you would be charged a fee for the increased participation in a said index.  As in any financial product that you may be investigating, current rates do not guarantee future performance.)


Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA’s):

2 Year – B+ company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2  0%/0% – 2.15%

2 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2  0%/10% – 1.80%

3 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/10% – 2.35%

4 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/10% – 2.60%

5 Year – B++ company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/0% – 3.00%

5 Year – A company — Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  10%/10% – 2.80%  


5-Year FIA’s:

A Rated Company – 5.40%


7-Year FIA’s:

B+ Rated Company – 7.80%

A-Rated Company – 6.75%


10-Year FIA’s:

A – Rated Company – 9.00%


In addition to these phenomenal returns that have absolutely zero risk or fees associated with them; they do leave you access to 10% of your money starting at the beginning of Year-2.  For a complete strategy on how to effectively use one of these products in your retirement planning, instead of bonds or other products that risk your money, and potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in management fees, give us a call at 636.926.6500!  Or schedule a time for a short conversation by clicking the yellow “SCHEDULE A CALL” button!


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