2022 Retirement Tax-Guide

January 12, 2022



Have you ever wondered, “what will be my tax liability if I do XYZ?”  What’s the first thing you do?  Most likely you “Google” it and 5 million articles pop up, including the IRS website (good luck with that one).  

Below you will find two very useful PDF’s created by Athene for anything tax-related to your retirement.  The 2022 Tax Guide is very in-depth, and the “at-a-glance” guide is a quick reference and not as detailed.  Please feel free to download both and keep them to reference throughout the year.

Taxes are an extremely difficult subject and should always be handled by a professional tax preparer.  So, this is in no way tax advice.  It’s just a very helpful piece to reference if you have a quick question about possible tax liabilities you may have.  Always check with a tax professional before making any decisions that could create a tax liability.


In these guides you will find:

  • 2021 & 2022 Income & Payroll Tax Rates
  • Corporate & Alternative Tax Rates
  • Income Taxation of Social Security
  • Standard & Itemized Deductions
  • Capital Gains & Dividends Tax Rate


2022 Tax Guide

2022 At-a-glance Tax-Guide


I hope you find these helpful!  And as always, you can click the “Schedule A Call” button so we can discuss the Atlas Annuity Strategy to potentially get you 20% more spendable income in your retirement, or protect your money from market volatility while potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in management fees!

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