The Dangers of Variable Annuities

January 20, 2022



It’s not uncommon to have a new client, in the beginning stages of researching annuities, tell me, “I actually hate annuities, but I’m just trying to get a straight answer on a couple of things.”  After digging a little deeper, I come to find out that what they actually hate is Variable Annuities.

I’m like any red-blooded American.  When I need information on a topic I’m not familiar with, I “Google it.”  Every once in a while, I will just “Google” the word annuity to see what pops up.  Some of the information is great.  Some of it is laughable.  And some of it is just downright “negative marketing” to try and scare you into keeping your money at risk.  This particular category normally pops up in the first 3 links. 

But when I start to read the negative information about my industry, what I come to find is that the author is almost always referring to Variable Annuities

Variable Annuities are what I refer to as “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”  Chocked full of fees, an average of 3.75%, and prospectus’ that are anywhere from 100-400 pages long, the Variable Annuity is a complicated product that normally provides the opposite of what most investors are looking for when there is a desire to protect their money. 

In this week’s newsletter, I am sharing with you my complete downloadable report called, “The Truth About Variable Annuities.” 

In this very important report, you will learn the following:

  • How to know the difference between the “roll-up rate” and actual growth
  • Can you lose money in a Variable Annuity?
  • What are the fees, and how do you figure out how much they really are?
  • Variable Annuities have lower payout rates than Indexed Annuities
  • Some Variable Annuities only offer a “single-life payout”
  • Some Variable Annuities force you to “annuitize” (surrender the money forever) the account value to the annuity company

I will wrap up this eye-opening report with an actual Case Study of a couple that had a Variable Annuity and what they were able to get instead by working with Atlas Financial.

Click the download button below to receive your free copy of “The Truth About Variable Annuities.”  It could save you from making a very costly mistake!

The Truth About Variable Annuities

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