Marty Becker - President, Atlas Financial Strategies

When It's Time To Protect Your Wealth In Retirement...

You Want A Strategy Rather Than Being Sold A Product

Hi, I'm Marty Becker. If you want to be 100% certain your retirement financial plan will give you the most reasonable return without your nest egg being decimated by fees, while keeping your assets safe from market volatility, allowing you to live comfortably and worry free for the rest of your life, then we need to talk.

Missouri's Most Trusted Safe Money Expert

We offer a completely tailored approach to retirement planning that always puts clients first. This starts with a comprehensive assessment of your situation that not only looks at your retirement income needs, but also considers your longer-term and legacy factors. The result is a highly personalized plan consistent with your goals and needs.

Asset Allocation

We don't just sell you our favorite annuity products. We take a detailed look at your assets and goals to determine what  needs to be protected and how.

In-Office & Remote Meetings

Your safety and well-being will always be our top priority. While meeting you and shaking your hand will always be available, we also offer remote meetings as well.

In-Depth Assessment

Many of our clients have been pitched or sold an annuity product that is entirely too expensive or ignores their needs entirely. We will uncover all of you goals and find the best strategy for your retirement.

Speak With Marty Becker Directly

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How Is Atlas Financial Different From Other Advisors?

Unlike many advisors and financial planners who are incentivized to sell you specific products, I tailor every strategy to your individual needs and goals. We are not bound to a single investment product and will only present tools that we can prove will best serve your goals. Furthermore, you will have direct, lifetime access to Marty who will always take your call and do whatever it takes to keep you informed.

Atlas Financial Strategies:

  • Retirement plan tailored to your goals and needs
  • Stays in regular communication with you
  • Will back up all recommendations with figures

Some Financial Advisors:

  • Tied to specific financial products
  • Only call when they have something to sell
  • Relies on fear and timing to get you to buy