Marty Becker, President of Atlas Financial Strategies has just released The Truth About The Athene Agility Annuity  guide to explain in full detail what you should look for and what to avoid if you've been presented the Agility annuity as part of your retirement . In this 100% free annuity guide, you'll discover... 

  • Why the bonuses are NOT free money (And how they'll restrict access to your money)
  • The right strategy vs. Athene Agility Contract components: which is more important and why.
  • How to identify all the hidden fees in the Athene Agility annuity that most advisors either don't know about or won't show you
  • Why so many financial advisors are promoting this annuity even though there's a high risk it isn't an optimal fit for your retirement plan
  • Plus, you'll receive a complete checklist to make sure you don't make the most common annuity buying mistakes.

This guide is a practical, independent, and no b.s. approach to index annuities for retirement. I recommend anyone who's considering an annuity read it before purchasing the Athene Agility annuity.

Marty Becker
President Atlas Financial Strategies

Ethics certified

What Else Is Included In My Athene Agility Review...

  • The single most important question to ask about the Agility contract
  • A fully independent look at the Agility's crediting options, with examples of what to expect from both 
  • A full breakdown of all the "fine print" in the Agility contracts, exposing many hidden fees
  • Detailed comparisons of other index annuity products against the Agility
  • An unbiased look at the projections advisors selling the Athene Agility Annuity are using

Pros and Cons of The Athene Agility Annuity

This easy to read guide covers the major pros and cons of the Athene Agility Annuity product in full detail, including...

  • 25% Bonus Towards the Benefit Base: The Athene Agility 10 offers a 25% bonus which contributes to the Benefit Base. This bonus increases the amount from which your income is calculated but doesn’t add to the walk-away money.
  • 175% Interest Credit: This credit is especially beneficial for future income and can help significantly in offsetting inflation. For instance, a $5,000 growth in Account Value can translate into an $8,750 increase in the Benefit Base.
  • Potential for High Income with Modest Growth Rate: The annuity can provide substantial income at a modest growth rate of 3.5%, attributed to its crediting method and higher payout rates.
  • Long-Term Care Doubling: This feature, although supplementary and not a full solution for long-term care expenses, can double the income under certain conditions, providing additional financial support.
  • Limited Walk-Away Money: The 25% bonus increases the Benefit Base for income calculation but does not increase the walk-away money or death benefit unless certain conditions are met.
  • Requirement of Account Value for Certain Benefits: Some benefits, like the long-term care doubling, require that there is still cash value in the annuity. Once the cash value is depleted, these benefits are no longer available.
  • Complexity and Fine Print: The product comes with various conditions and clauses which might be complex for the average person to understand without expert advice.
  • Not Ideal for Leaving Money Behind: If the primary goal is to leave an inheritance or substantial sum behind, there are certainly more efficient financial products than the Athene Agility annuity.
My Overall Thoughts on Athene's Agility Annuity

The Athene Agility is not a bad product. I think it's sold incorrectly A LOT though. There are cases where the Athene Agility Annuity can be a valuable component of a retirement strategy, but you MUST be aware of and comfortable with its specific features and conditions. For instance, it's ok for individuals looking for income security and growth potential in their retirement years, but less so for those seeking simplicity or legacy-focused financial solutions.

Want A Second Opinion on The Athene Agility Annuity?

This report contains everything I know about The Athene Agility. If you'd prefer to have me look at your specific situation to determine whether it's the best solution for helping you reach your goals, I invite you to schedule a short call with me and we'll look at all the details together.


Jared M.


My Edward Jones advisor wanted to keep me in mutual funds and constantly told me not to get an index annuity. I started doing research and found Marty's guide then spoke with him. He always makes time for me and his information is sound and simple to understand.

George P.


I was concerned about making sure I have an income during retirement that I wasn't going to end up overpaying for and running out of money due to fees. Marty gave me the numbers up front, and showed me how to use the index annuity to my advantage and protect my money. I'll never go anywhere else.