How Annuities Make Money

Have you ever wondered how annuities make money, or grow in value?  This is a tripping point for a lot of people.  It’s not that it is super difficult to understand, it’s just a new subject that can be confusing on the surface.

Like any profession, there is a language that is spoken between those of us in the industry that does not make a whole lot of sense to the person that is trying to learn how to protect their money with an annuity.

In this week’s ATLAS Annuity Newsletter, I have created a video that will hopefully simplify how your annuity would grow in value. 

In this video you will learn about the terms that maybe you have heard before but had no idea what they meant. 

Such as:

  • Cap Rates
  • Participation Rates
  • Spreads or Index Margins
  • Crediting Periods

There are also a few things that I will mention in this video that are directly related to information that I overview in a separate video called, “How Annuity Companies Grow & Protect Your Money.”

The other video I series that is mentioned is “20% More Spendable Income in Retirement”, which I also highly recommend taking the time to view.

At ATLAS Financial Strategies, our main goal is to get you educated so you can make the right decisions for your retirement, and I hope this video, and those linked above, do just that for you.

To make the most of your educational journey, click the "Schedule a Call" button to reserve a time for a short phone call to determine if the ATLAS Annuity Strategy is right for you!

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