Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGAs)

March 24, 2023

With so many different annuities to choose from, how do you keep them all straight?  There are approximately 200 different annuity companies, and each company offers anywhere from 5 to 20 different annuities.  On the low end, that’s a thousand different annuities to choose from.

I like to keep a 30,000-foot view when discussing the different types of annuities that are available.  In fact, you can really break them down into 4 different categories.

  1. Immediate Annuities (designed for immediate income)
  2. Fixed Interest Annuities (known as Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities)
  3. Fixed Indexed Annuities (designed for growth & protection, but can also provide income)
  4. Variable Annuities (tied to subaccounts and can lose money)

In this week’s newsletter, I want to go in-depth about the Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities, or MYGAs for short.

I have prepared an entire report on this category of annuity to help you understand with confidence how safe, simple, and desirable they can be. 

In the “ATLAS Annuity MYGA Report”, I will answer such questions as:

  • How does the insurance company guarantee my principal?
  • Are there any fees in MYGAs?
  • How does the insurance company give me a higher interest rate for a longer period of time than a Bank CD?

Please click the link below to get your free copy of the “ATLAS Annuity MYGA Report!  And, as always, please click the “Schedule a Call” button in the top right corner of the screen to book a short phone call to get your questions answered!

MYGA Report


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