Atlas Annuity Rate Report Sept. 2021

September 15, 2021

In our first edition of the Atlas Annuity Rate Report, I listed the most recent returns of FIA’s.  However, considering those returns literally change every week because of the indexing period, what I’m going to do is list the highest participation rates available with the best companies.  I always take into account the renewal rate history of the companies I recommend.  Meaning, it does no good if a company will give you a 100% participation rate if they have a track record of decreasing that rate during your next indexing period.  There are plenty of options for solid renewal rate track records.  For the most up-to-date returns, please click the “Schedule A Call” button, or reach me directly at 636.926.6500.


Here are the latest annuity returns in the marketplace as of Sept 2021:

(NOTE:  For compliance reasons, I will not be listing company names.  We would need to have a legitimate conversation about that.  And these rates are the latest for the State of Missouri.  Also, I am only including annuities that have zero fees associated with them.  There are higher returns listed in my software, but I normally do not recommend them, unless there is a guaranteed Return of Premium, because I do not like to see my clients go backward with their money.  Almost every Fixed Indexed Annuity offers a higher participation rate for a fee.  However, if a crediting strategy has a negative return in any given crediting term, it will not affect your principle, but you would be charged a fee for the increased participation in a said index.  If you would be willing to have the fee deducted from your principle, I’m happy to discuss the options available.  As in any financial product that you may be investigating, current returns do not guarantee future returns.)



MYGA rates have held strong!


Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuities (MYGA’s):

2 Year – B+ company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2  0%/0% – 2.15%

2 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2  0%/10% – 1.65%

3 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/10% – 2.35%

4 Year – A- company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/10% – 2.60%

5 Year – B++ company – Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/0% – 3.00%

5 Year – B++company — Free Withdrawal Yr1/Yr2+  0%/10% – 2.85% 


5-Year FIA’s:

A-Rated Company with an 87% Participation Rate on a 2-year point-to-point


7-Year FIA’s:

A-Rated Company with 125% Participation Rate on a 2-year point-to-point, with a 2% spread.

(Spread:  Anything over a 2% increase in the index will credit 125% to your account value.  Meaning, if the index increases 10%, you will receive 1.25 x 8%, or a total of 10% gain on your money. For example:  on a $100,000 account value, you would have an increase of $10,000 for that crediting period).  It sounds more complicated than it is.


10-Year FIA’s:

B++ Company with 200% Participation Rate on a 2-year point-to-point plus a 5% Bonus on the premium (with an enhancement fee, see below)

This one is interesting because it does have a 0.95% “enhancement fee” to elevate the participation rate to 200%.  What makes it interesting is not only is the participation rate guaranteed for the length of the annuity, but if the index does not perform, they will guarantee a 110% Return of Premium at the end of the surrender period.  Basically, your worst-case scenario is you will have 10% more than you started with. 

B++ Company with 150% Participation Rate on a 2-year point-to-point plus a 5% Bonus on the premium.  The participation rate is guaranteed for the length of the annuity.  No fees.

Then, there is Fixed Indexed Linked Annuity (FILA) that I wrote about on August 12, 2021.  You can find that article under “Newsletters”.  It’s an A-Rated Company that allows you to risk up to 10% of your gains, not your principle, but your gains only in exchange for a higher participation rate or cap on the mother of all indexes, the S&P 500.

A-Rated Company with a 65% Participation Rate, or an 11.5% Cap Rate, on an annual point-to-point.


When we design your annuity strategy, we will discuss how to use crediting methods to give you the best chance of getting a return every single year with the highest participation rates available.


In addition to these phenomenal rates that have absolutely zero risks associated with them, they do leave you access to 10% of your money starting at the beginning of Year-2.  For a complete strategy on how to effectively use one of these products with my Atlas Annuity Strategy, instead of bonds or other products that risk your money, and potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in management fees, give us a call at 636.926.6500!  Or schedule a time for a short conversation by clicking the yellow “SCHEDULE A CALL” button!


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