The Debate Is Over: Annuities Improve Portfolio Outcomes

October 22, 2021

The debate is over!  Those of you who know me have heard my story of how I came across the insurance industry to help solve a personal problem.  I had lost my defined benefit pension and I ended up on a 7-year long research mission that lead me to the world of insurance products, including annuities.  The interesting thing was, once I had discovered this information, I realized that not a single financial advisor that I had spoken with had ever mentioned annuities.

When I took this golden information back to the person I was working with, he told me, “oh, those are terrible.  You don’t want anything to do with those.”  What he didn’t tell me was that he really didn’t know anything about them.  And since then I have learned quite a bit about how financial advisors get paid.  When a person decides to protect their money from market volatility they naturally use money that is currently being invested somewhere else.  That invested money actually acts like an annuity to the advisor because they get paid no matter what.  Whether they make you money, or they lose your money.  You are the annuity!

After starting my agency in 2015, it has been a consistent issue with my clients wanting to go back and get their “advisor’s opinion.”  Well, I can already tell you what it’s going to be, and it’s not going to be good!  Instead of arguing with people, I found it better to not only do the math in real-time to show how annuities can improve the performance of a portfolio, but also use third-party sources from people that are non-biased and a lot smarter than me!

I came across this gem of a research paper:  Income Annuities Improve Portfolio Outcomes In Retirement.

The title says it all!  So, instead of typing an entire dissertation on this study, I made a video to give you the highlights of it.  I’m also happy to send you a copy if you’d like.  I hope you enjoy hearing about it as much as I enjoyed reading it!

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Watch this short video series to learn which annuities I use and how I use them to get an average of 20% more spendable retirement income than any other advisor plans you've seen.

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